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Working with SendWheel is a pure pleasure!

The programme enables to send attractive messages quickly and easily.

E-mail address:

Creating e-mails

With us, creating professional e-mails is simple – even for the beginners. Our message editor will quickly guide you through the message creation process. You do not need to know HTML or any graphic programmes. You do not have much time? Use ready-made templates.


Testing is the best way to increase the conversion of the campaign. By using our multivariate A/B/X tests , you can check up to 26 versions of your e-mail and send the best of them. Thanks to SendWheel your efficiency will increase.

Efficiency measurements

SendWheel offers comprehensive reports that enable you to easily evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. Using our application you can check how many people have read your e-mail and who exactly clicks on your offers. Reports can be checked online or downloaded as an Excel file.

SendWheel will adjust itself to your needs

Discover all the features of the programme and start to succeed!






The most attractive offer

Free responsive templates

Thanks to the ready-made templates from SendWheel,
creating attractive messages is now even more simple.


Check it out!

E-mail address:

SendWheel advantages

easy sending

recipients’ reactions and behaviours monitoring

information about recipients’ interest and expectations

high efficiency

the possibility of message targeting

low cost

Comprehensive reports about mailing efficiency

We will help you to reach a wide range of potential
clients through the efficient mailing solutions.